Storm damage to siding

What does the damage look like?

Hail Damage

Hail damage on aluminum siding looks like a round or teardrop shaped indentation, sometimes accompanied by a mark indicating oxidation of the painted surface has been removed. The picture to the left shows a wind-driven hailstorm which peppered the side of the home in a directional manner. This type of hail generally strikes one or two sides of a home.

Size Matters

If the dent in the siding is sharp or jagged, it was caused by some other type of impact which is considered mechanical damage. Hail leaves a dent with absolutely no type of abrasion. Depending on rainfall prior to the hail, it may or may not remove oxidation from the painted surface.

Hail will occasionally strike three sides of a structure, depending on the length of the storm and wind direction. The east side of a home rarely shows hail damage, as severe storms rarely track from the east. In general, if a home has damage on all four sides, multiple storms are the cause.

Depending on the composition of the shingle, some are more susceptible to damage than others. As the roof ages and the shingles become more brittle, it's easier for the wind to get under the shingle and break the seal loose. Once that happens, it's just a matter of time before they will raise up, crease, flip over, and break off.